Good images to be used in pet portrait paintings.

pet images

These are samples of good pet images that are very suitable for portrait paintings. There aren’t so many things to say about these ones. Of course that a professional photographer could find a lot of imperfections in them. But for making portrait paintings, these are plenty good enough.

You can see how these faces and their expressions are very clear. The dogs aren’t blurry or in an awkward position in which it’s impossible to see the faces well. The lighting is good enough to pick up all the details.

The digital image files are in a proper size. This is crucial as the photo needs to be enlarged at the time of the painting to view the finest details of the face. If the photograph wasn’t taken focusing on the model, but the model appears to be somewhere in a scenery and then cropped to only focus on the faceā€”it will not work. There is some much of enlargement on a digital photo without start running into serious problems of loosing quality. A good digital file size image will be greater than 2mb. in a .jpg format.