Glendale Art Association Demonstration


The art demonstration at the Glendale Art Association was a great experience!

I met a wonderful group of artists of all ages. Everyone was willing to see and hear what I do and how I do it. This was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas, techniques, and opinions.

In this type of activity, we all learn something new, either as the demonstrator or as an attendee. For example, at some point in the class, when I was ready to open my container of “Liquin Original” (medium), to begin painting with my oils, the lid was so tight that it seemed impossible to open. It is worth mentioning that under normal conditions I simply cover the lid with a cloth and with the help of a “groove-joint pliers” I can loosen the lid without any problems. But there were no handyman tools in the studio! At some point, a kind woman approached me trying to help and probably because I was also making a fool of myself trying to loosen up the damn lid. She said: “I can easily open it.” At first, I thought she was just making fun of me. My grandmother and she looked very alike in terms of height and muscle structure. This kind woman told me to put the lid in the door hinge’s gap and press it while turning the container. Eureka! The lid finally began to slacken. With a sweet smile on her face, she told me that was a trick she uses in her kitchen.

The Glendale Art Association is a great place for demonstrations. I enjoyed the luxury of having a huge space to work with. The lighting is very good because the ceilings are tall. This helps the light source to cast light on the canvas from a good angle, thus minimizing all the reflections that one can normally get in other spaces. There is also a lot of equipment to work with. There are many aluminum easels available. These easels aren’t the ones you get on eBay for the price of a paintbrush. No, these were good easels! They don’t wobble while you’re working. The art studio at the GAA has also many “drawing benches”–at least twenty of them. In the closet, there are vast amounts of objects to pick from for making a “still life.” You can find all kinds of shapes, materials, and textures there: fruits, glass, ceramics, copper, steel, bronze, fabric, etc.

The GAA also has a bathroom and a kitchen. This is important for the art demonstration! The kitchen has a large stainless steel sink, ideal for cleaning paints that truly stain, such as oil or acrylics. There is also a coffee maker and a microwave.

The parking lot is right next to the entrance; it wouldn’t seem that relevant, but it really helps. Nobody wants to be walking around with all the art materials for too long.

The combination of excellent people, a spacious and comfortable space, and handy equipment makes the experience of making art demonstrations at the GAA just excellent!